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 Resolution 715/2019: Resolution 715/2019:
 +Information from the telecommunications regulatory agency (ANATEL):
 +Certifications and Numbering Management:
 +certifying agency: 
 +In the list above, we chose "UL do Brasil", which has the cheapest price.
 +In the list above, we have chosen UL do Brasil, which has the price Prerequisites:
 +    Manufacturer identification (company name, address, contact)
 +    Samples with configuration instruction
 +    Installation Manual 
 +    Identification of the legal representative (company)
 +    External and internal photos
 +    Technical specification
 +    Electrical diagram
 +    Letter of representation (letter signed by Dragino - manufacturer - for Kill9Networks to be the representative of libre router in Brazil)
 +Administrative procedure:
 +    We started the process with UL do Brasil. The bills have been paid and we are waiting for the project engineer to contact us
 +Carrying out tests:
 +    The OCD is responsible for choosing the laboratory, which costs are included.
 +Completion, scope and duration of approval:
 +    - The homologation certificate is issued by ANATEL, which takes around 7 days.
 +    - The renewal of the homologation must be done every 2 years. If there are no changes in the hardware, it is not necessary to redo the laboratory tests.
 +    Value paid for the certification: BRL R$ 9.800,00 (2019)
 ===== Fiscalization ===== ===== Fiscalization =====
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