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 ==== Technical and Administrative Requirements ==== ==== Technical and Administrative Requirements ====
 +==== Libre Router homologation ====
 +Consultations about the homologation of the LibreRouter were conducted with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC), the National Spectrum Agency (ANE) and the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC). It was determined that the entity in charge of homologation in Colombia is the CRC, to whom a consultation was sent regarding the need for homologation of the LibreRouter. After some exchanges in which the CRC requested more specific information on the equipment such as brand, model, manufacturer, technical specifications, block diagram, which were sent with the support of AlterMundi's team, a letter was received notifying that "the equipment of the brand LIBREROUTER, model LR1, manufactured by DRAGINO, is not currently required to complete the approval process before the CRC, in accordance with the provisions of CRC Resolutions 5162 of 2017 and 5300 of 2018. Consequently, the terminals associated with the aforementioned brand and model are not required to go through the process of obtaining the respective 'Certificate of Approval'". The complete CRC response letter is available at: 
 +This letter certifies that the LibreRouter is exempt from the homologation process in Colombian territory.
 ==== Licensing Fees ==== ==== Licensing Fees ====
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 countryprofile.regAcronym : CRC countryprofile.regAcronym : CRC
 countryprofile.regUrl : countryprofile.regUrl :
-countryprofile.regEmail : 
 countryprofile.regTwitter : countryprofile.regTwitter :
 +countryprofile.regEmail :
 countryprofile.minName : Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies countryprofile.minName : Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies
 countryprofile.minAcronym : MinTIC countryprofile.minAcronym : MinTIC
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