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 ==== Spectrum Fees / Costs ==== ==== Spectrum Fees / Costs ====
 +=== Spectrum Pricing ===
 +A full table of prices applicable to terrestrial spectrum services is made available.
 +All users of frequencies shall be required to pay a fee, including Government Agencies or departments except those that are exempt from paying the applicable fees. The fees paid upon registration shall be renewable annually at a rate to be specified under the licence conditions. The price charged for the spectrum assigned will among other factors be dependent on such factors as size, level of competition and classification of spectrum (prime / non-prime) as well as the administrative overhead costs associated with monitoring and management,
 +The price that is charged for the spectrum will as much as practically possible be proportional to the derivable benefits and level of usage within the band.
 === Application === === Application ===
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 countryprofile.regAcronym : MACRA countryprofile.regAcronym : MACRA
 countryprofile.regUrl : countryprofile.regUrl :
-countryprofile.regEmail : 
 countryprofile.regTwitter : countryprofile.regTwitter :
 +countryprofile.regEmail :
 countryprofile.minName : Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies countryprofile.minName : Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies
 countryprofile.minAcronym : MICT countryprofile.minAcronym : MICT
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