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Backhaul Network Pricing

New Zealand

As of October 2020, Chorus Limited, a wholesale infrastructure provider in New Zealand began offering a product called EdgeConnect allows ISPs to peer at the Auckland Internet Exchange from any local telephone exchange in the country. Standard prices are available for same district, same island, or different island connections.


In March of 2019, the Dutch regulator compelled Vodafone to publish its wholesale access rates or face a one million Euro fine.


The regulator in Botswana (BOCRA) publishes a public rate card for access to the national fibre optic backbone. Granted this is a state-owned network which removes the complication of negotiating with the private sector but even if we just succeeded with state-owned networks, this would be a big leap forward.

West Africa UEMOA

In West Africa thanks to a directive in 2006 from UEMOA, the West African regional economic community established a practice of publishing backhaul and interconnection pricing.


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